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The Benefits of Google AdWords

Google AdWords, often known as Pay-Per-Click advertising or PPC for short, is a cost-effective form of online search advertising that can boost traffic to your website and generate more leads. Setting a daily budget; your adverts will be displayed via Google search and you only pay once someone has clicked on your advert.

Google AdWords helps you reach your target audience in the quickest possible way.

10 Benefits Of Google AdWords

  1. Generate Enquiries - Gaining prominence in Google Search assists in generating traffic to your website, which can ultimately increase enquiries about your product or service

2) First Page Exposure - People very rarely look beyond the first page of search results on Google. Google AdWords advertising is the fastest way to make sure your business is at the top of the search

3) Speed - Compared to SEO, you can see quick results and track them. Instead of having to fight with competitors to rank organically, jump ahead and rank at the top of the search

4) Budget-Friendly - You’re in control of your ad spend and only pay when your advert is clicked

5) Measurable & Trackable Data - Unlike printed advertising, Google AdWords campaigns are set up to carefully measure effectiveness. Clicks, Impressions, click-through-rate, cost-per-click and the average position of the ads, are just some of the many things you can track. Google AdWords allows you to gather a huge amount of data and insight into your customers behaviour, which traditional forms of marketing simply can’t compete

6) Highly-Targeted Advertising - A Google AdWords campaign can be set up according to demographics such as location, language, device. Time scheduling even allows for adverts to display on specific days and at specific times during the day

7) Access A New & Ever-Expanding Customer Base – When compared to other platforms such as email or social media, you aren’t limited to your existing customers or followers. You have the advantage of targeting a constantly expanding fresh audience

8) No Dependence On Algorithmic Changes - No need to worry about changes to Google ranking algorithms affecting your organic rankings. Google AdWords adverts are typically located at the top of the Google search and not affected in any way by algorithmic changes by Google

9) Target Keywords You Don’t Rank Organically For - With all the will in the world, you can’t keyword stuff every relevant keyword onto your website pages, but you can include them in your keyword list as part of your Google AdWords campaign; that way so your advert will display for that keyword or similar phrases

10) Immediate & Consistent Traffic - Once a Google AdWords campaign is live you can expect traffic to your website to increase, which in turn assists in increasing your organic rankings

Why Is Google AdWords A Better Option Than SEO?

You can determine exactly how much your return on investment is and compared to SEO, you can see results Instantly. With SEO you can spend a long amount of time to improve your organic rankings in comparison to Google AdWords which can be up and running in no time.

Google AdWords allows you to reach your relevant audience directly and assists in building the trust and association between your brand with the relevant product or service. This visibility attracts a wealth of the people that are actively searching for your products and services, which creates better brand awareness and enhanced trust. Above all, Google AdWords is particularly useful if you are seeking quick, quality traffic and conversions.


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