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What Affects Your Rankings On Google?

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Google recently posted a series of tweets explaining in a little more detail, how Google ranks your website.

Although a lot was left to the imagination, they did give some clear answers to what affects your rankings and it isn’t as clear cut as everyone would like to think.

On the Google search Liaison Twitter profile, Google posted a series of Tweets to bust some myths surrounding rankings on Google. They wanted to tackle the popular belief that Google personalises a search that different people might get a very different result.

Google outlined the assumption was that search results were customised to the user, i.e their search history. They revealed that personalisation doesn’t happen very often and doesn’t dramatically change the search results.

They went on to ask the question, why might two users get different search results? They explained that your search results may differ based on the following:

- Platform

- Device

- Time

- Language

The main factor they said was that affected search results was localisation. Google search results are customised to ensure they are relevant to a user’s location. Google outlined that localisation is extremely useful to make results more relevant.

In addition to this, Google also explained that due to the dynamic nature of searches, the Data Centres are constantly being updated with new information. Google is constantly being updated which means that results will always differ. However, they did advise new or changed pages won’t appear on Google instantly, as the Data Centres have trillions of pages to search.

Read the full series of tweets here:


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