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Turning Your Website Into A Website That Generates Enquiries

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

A website is an essential requirement for any business. It is a way to attract business and generate new enquiries. However, having a well-designed, good looking website is not enough.

You need to ensure your website is working to generate new enquiries; that your website is bringing in the sales you need.

In the past, your website could be a passive entity. Somewhere you could add your company information and then leave it alone. Now, you need to engage with your audience more directly and keep your website relevant, with fresh, relevant and up to date content.

Once your website has been indexed on Google, you need to ensure you are attracting visitors and turning them into sales. Here are our top tips to enable your site to generate more enquiries.

Is Your Landing Page Engaging?

The average website visitor has a short attention span. For this reason, you should consider your landing page i.e concentrate on the page that your visitors first land on. Does this tell your visitor exactly what your company does? Does it tell them why you are unique? Do the pictures best convey your company? Your landing page should be simple with minimal content and a clear call to action.

Are Your Contact Details Easy To Find?

Ensure your phone number and email address are on the website and in a prominent place. If you have a landline then use it on your website, it shows you’re local.

Ensure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

Visitors are viewing websites on mobiles more and more. If a visitor can’t view your website on a tablet or phone then chances are they won’t hang around! Don’t lose potential enquiries for something as simple as having a mobile-responsive website.

Add Pictures & Reviews

Visitors to your website want to know that you offer an excellent service and can be trusted. Reinstate this with reviews and pictures of your work not stock images.

Monitor & Analyse Your Website

You need to constantly update content then keep tracking, monitoring and analysing your efforts online. Find out where your enquiries are coming from and always create new, relevant content tailored to your audience to entice them in.



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