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Top Marketing Trends In 2024

As we wave goodbye to 2023 and embark on another new year; I wanted to share with you my top marketing predictions for 2024.

AI Powered Personalisation

The development of AI has shook the marketing world and we will see an emergence of AI powered personalisation in the coming year. Building on previous years as personalisation as a driving force for companies to stand out and speak to their target audience, AI will further harness this.

Conversational Marketing

The modern consumer lacks patience and those who embrace online chats and instant messaging are the favoured. Companies must engage with their audience in real-time and with the help of chatbots and AI companies can achieve this to aid purchase decisions.

Video Marketing

We’ve all witnessed the emergence of TikTok and YouTube and now more than ever consumers are using videos to find information. Companies can not only use videos for advertising but also to tell a brand story and capture the attention of the audience

Ethical Marketing

Consumers want to know what’s behind the closed doors of companies and their brand values. If there values are inline with their own personal values they are more likely to engage and ultimately buy from the company. This trend is relatively new but highlights companies need to demonstrate their social responsibilities, alongside any ethical and sustainability to truly engage.

Big Data and Analysis

For AI and personalisation to work, it needs to be informed through data and analysis.

Often not the most talked about and glamorous side of marketing, but equally as important, to drive personalisation and consumers to fully engage with the brand.

With all of the above you can make actionable changes to your website and overall company offering to reflect the top marketing trends in 2024.



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