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How To Recognise A Spam Email

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Often, our inboxes are flooded with a mountain of emails and sometimes it’s difficult to tell what makes an email a spam/ phishing email.

How can you recognise a spam email?

Be aware of urgent or threatening language.

Check for spelling mistakes- Words are often misspelt to sneak past spam filters.

Check the subject line- Are there any offers or do they ask for personal information?

Avoid any ‘calls to action’ or requests for personal information.

Are you offered large sums of money but most provide a small sum yourself?

Here are our top tips!

Don’t give up personal information

Look but don’t click! Trust your instinct, if it looks dodgy then it probably is!

Hover over any links on the email to check to see if they match their destination.

It goes without saying if the email in question has an attachment, do not open the attachment- this attachment could be filled with viruses that could not only put a virus onto your computer, but it could also collect personal and banking information in order to steal your identity.



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