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7 Things To Do Before Successfully Launching A New Website

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

No matter what industry you’re in, it is vital you don’t forget to undertake a few key tasks before successfully launching a website.

Here we recommend 7 things every business needs to do before launching a new website.

Check Everything

Even if it feels like you’ve gone through your website with a fine-tooth comb, take another look. Enlist the help of others and make sure more than one person checks over the website.

Put yourself in the customers’ shoes and ensure you can fully understand what your business is and your offering just by looking at the website.

Check It On All Devices

Although websites are now built fully mobile responsive and scalable to each device, it is still worth checking the design of your website on phones and tablets.

Users are used to scrolling so don’t be put off if the website seems longer on a mobile or tablet.

Check the pictures, paragraph length and navigation and see what it all looks like on each device. Can the user determine what the page is about purely by the pictures and first paragraph?

Review Contact Forms & Calls To Action

You can have the most functional, highly engaging website but if that website doesn’t convert into enquiries then it defeats the purpose of having the website!

Check the customer journey on your website, can a user determine with ease how to contact you? Is the enquiry form easy to use and in a prominent position on the web page?

Put Together A Content Plan

Websites should never stand still, they need regular content to be added in order to rank well and show customers you are still operating.

Plan what content you will put on the website, this could be particular projects or products that your audience will enjoy reading and relate to.

Contact Previous Customers For Reviews

Reviews are an integral part of any website, to build trust and demonstrate your businesses expertise.

Before your website goes live, make a list of previous customers who you think would be willing to leave you a positive review. You could either get them to send you the review or wait until your website goes live and send them a link.

Set Up PPC Advertising

The best way to drive traffic to a new website to ensure your website is ranked well organically is PPC Pay-Per-Click advertising. Get your website listed above any organic listing and buy your way to the top.

Set Up Social Media

Creating posts on social media not only gives your company exposure on these platforms, it can also assist in generating traffic to your website.

Setting these up beforehand means once your website is live, you have a platform ready to shout about your business and help drive traffic to your website. This will not only help with improving enquiries, it can also help rank your website quicker.

Get Set, Ready, Go!

Now you have a step by guide of what to do before your website is live, with all these areas covered, you are well on your way to giving your website the best chance at ranking well and generating enquiries.

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