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5 Types Of Emails You Should Be Sending To Your Customers

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

For any business looking to engage with customers and drive more enquiries, email is a tried and tested way to do so.

If you have previously sent an email campaign but are looking for new ways to market to your customers via email, then here are our top 5 suggestions:

Welcome Email

Regardless of what product or service your customer has signed up for, it is always important to send a welcome email.

A welcome email should be sent within 24 hours, thanking them for their business and tell them what to expect going forward.

Not only does this make the customer feel appreciated, it reinforces your brand. The first impression sets the tone of your relationships so it’s important to get this right from the start.

Offer Email

Offering your customers an exclusive discount is a great way to increase loyalty and drive sales.

If you have a new product or service, think about sending a ‘special offer’ to your customers to try it at a discounted rate.

Be sure to have a clear call to action to encourage readers to click through to the next step.

Survey Email

Show your customers you value their opinion by asking for their feedback. Sending surveys are a great way to better understand your audience. Measuring, monitoring and evaluating this feedback ensures that your company meets the needs of your customers.

When sending an email, be sure to express your appreciation for their business and tell them how long the survey will take. Consider offering an incentive and how their answers will help you improve customer service.

Request To Connect Via Social Media

With the average person spending 2 hours on social media a day it is worth contacting your customer to let them know that you are also using these platforms.

Along with adding social media icons to your email signature, it is worth sending an email to let your customers know you are on social media too. Once they are following or liking your company, this gives you more opportunity to build a stronger relationship and showcase your product/services to them.

Request A Review

Online reviews are crucial for your business and help build trust with new and existing customers. The more reviews the better and all help with building your company’s reputation.

Make it easy for customers to leave reviews by sending a link to the review site along with instructions.

With any review, we recommend approaching your customer shortly after they have purchased, that way the interaction is still recent, and they are more likely to leave a review.



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