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10 Reasons Visitors Leave Your Website

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

With more competition online than ever before, there is no point having a functioning website if people are going to leave it as soon as they arrive.

Attracting potential customers can be hard enough and the last thing you want is people leaving your site before they have engaged with your content or enquire about your product or service.

It can be easy to overlook some of your website's functionality and design, but what if you could make improvements to drastically improve its performance?

Here are our top ten causes of why people are leaving your website:

  1. Outdated Web Design – If your website looks outdated, then it’s time for a refresh. This could be the main factor that initially puts a visitor off your website. With visitors to a website spending less than 15 seconds on the homepage you have a narrow frame of time to grab their attention. Unfortunately, ‘retro’ looking websites won’t grab their attention, visitors are looking for a website that has a modern and fresh design.

  2. Slow Loading Time – This feature is often overlooked, though it plays an important part in keeping visitors on your website. If a visitor has to wait for information to load, chances are they will go elsewhere. So, if your website is lacking in speed then it may be something you want to look into.

  3. Your Content Is Difficult To Read – Web design isn’t just about the visuals, information must be easily presented to be digestible. The clearer and easier your content is to customers; the more likely people are to stay on your website.

  4. Your Website Isn’t Mobile Friendly – With the majority of searches now being carried out via a mobile phone (coupled with Google recently changing its algorithms to favour mobile friendly websites) it is a prerequisite that a website should be responsive to adjust to a multitude of device screens.

  5. Unclear Navigation– Your navigation must be simple, informative and easy to navigate. If it’s not, then this is something you may want to consider changing. You have a short time frame to capture your audience and direct them to the relevant page, don’t put them off by confusing or difficult navigation.

  6. Too Many Ads – If you use a range of popup adverts it may be time for a rethink. This type of advertising can cause disruption as it prevents the visitor from completing their desired action on your website. Extensive use of pop up adverts is enough to get on anyone’s nerves!

  7. Automated Playing Videos– Similar to the point above, this type of advertising can cause disruption, if a visitor of your website is obstructed by what they are looking for, chances are they will leave.

  8. No ‘About Us’ Page – The “about us” page is one of the most viewed page on any website regardless of the industry. A visitor wants to know that you are a trusted supplier that they can rely on.

  9. Your Site Lacks Personality – You must convey your identity and ensure this is reflected in your web design and content. Your website must convey what you represent to potential customers.

  10. Unclear Benefits – Throughout your website, you must convey the benefits of your product or services not the features. Benefits are what keeps people interested and visitors want to find out easily and quickly your product or service will be helpful to them.

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